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Black Cat Creative Studio Feeds My Obsession With Eyes, Spiderwebs, & The Moon

Things in Canada shut down in March due to covid-19. I was stuck at home with all this time extra time on my hands and I thought to myself “This is the perfect time to start a blog!” *Right.*

I was feeling motivated and I somehow convinced myself that it was also the perfect time to take an online university course. *Right, right.*

Except by April, work figured out how to do things through Zoom and I suddenly had no more extra free time. Then the Black Lives Matter revolution started to occupy the space in my brain that used to be devoted to the coronavirus and now instead of having nightmares about the pandemic I have nightmares about police brutality.

The only thing keeping me together is the hope that maybe, just maybe, all this turmoil will wake everyone the f**k up and we’ll start to see some real systemic change in this world.

Yes, I’m aware this is a blog post about embroidery, but honestly, it felt weird to write something without acknowledging the current state of the world. So before I move on to talking about how amazing Black Cat Creative  is, let me just say that I support BLM and that I encourage everyone reading this to sign all the petitions going around and donate money if you can. There are several ways to help. Do a google. Activists have been putting together lists of actions that people can take to help. Twitter is a good place to start and, obviously, the Black Lives Matter website.

Sooo, without trying to do an awkward segue, Black Cat Creative is super duper awesome and I really love her work. Andreia Cabral is a phenomenal artist that creates these dark and moody, jewel-toned works of embroidery that evoke lovely witchy fantasies. Cabral favours slightly esoteric subjects like eyes, spiderwebs, and the moon. I mean, she had me at eyes.

Check out Black Cat Creative‘s work, you won’t regret it!

Click on images below for larger versions:

Instagram: @black_cat_creative_studio
Etsy: Black Cat Creative Studio

I like to make things.

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