Ciara LeRoy Of Pretty Strange Design Is Delightfully OffBeat

I have been the worse at keeping this blog updated. I kept pushing it off, because I wanted to enjoy my summer as much as possible before the second wave of the pandemic hit, which means that I spent the last three months in a lake. Everyday. In a lake.

In fact, I went swimming just yesterday. In Canada. Where it’s cold. And it’s only getting colder, which means I’ll have more time to dedicate to this project. I hope. Unless I take up ice fishing and I decide to live the rest of the year in the bush.

Which is a distinct possibility.

I would definitely miss Instagram, though. How else would I get to see the work of such incredible artists such as Ciara LeRoy. LeRoy’s embroidery is vibrant and strong. I love the typography almost as much as I love her messages.

I mean, people are weird.

Click on images below for larger versions:

Instagram: @prettystrangedesign
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Etsy: Pretty Strange Studio
Team Kentucky Tee: Ciara LeRoy T-Shirt

I like to make things.

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