Fearsome Beast Is Perfectly Macabre

If you follow Tangled Up In Floss on Instagram you know that I’m a big Kate Walsh, a.k.a. Fearsome Beast, fan. The first time I came across her work I was immediately smitten. I covet every single piece she’s ever created and I wish I had an iota of her talent.

Kate’s tiny macabre embroidery pieces are reminiscent of baroque royal portraits. Her obsession with skulls and crowns make for a collection that evokes a fearsome reality where an undead monarchy presides. The gilded frames and golden halos are a throwback to a time when royals and clergy were the only things that stood between humankind and God.

When I die someone please hire Kate to do an embroidery portrait of my likeness to be displayed at my wake.

Click on images below for larger versions:

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I like to make things.

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