Get Stitching With These Embroidery Snips!

I own a pair of crane embroidery scissors, because everyone who does embroidery owns them and they are cute as hell. Plus, I love cranes. I’ve been making origami paper cranes since I was a wee lass. I was originally going to include them in this post, but them I found a billion other embroidery scissors that made the cut instead.

Which ones are your favourite?

  1. Black Spider Witch Scissors from DollymopDandies
  2. Gold Rooster Embroidery Scissors from EmbroideryArtbyNat
  3. Cat, Owl, & Mermaid Scissors from HolliHandsCreate
  4. Guitar Scissors from FracturaDesigns
  5. Gold Unicorn Scissors from MyPurpleGrapefruit
  6. Owl Eye Snips from Sublime Stitching
  7. Black Sheep Scissors from HawthornHandmade

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I like to make things.

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