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Julie Campbell Combines Textile Art With Anatomy Drawings

Julie Campbell studied Applied Graphics in the ’80s and worked for a number of years as an illustrator in Belgium. After her son was born, she took an Anatomy and Pathology drawing class in the evenings, where she was able to pursue her fascination with the inner workings of the human body.

According to an interview Campbell gave to Pikchur mag, it was after a 2014 M Museum exhibition that celebrated the 500th anniversary of Andres Vesalius, “one of the most important figures in modern medicine,” that she would begin a new series of works based around the theme of anatomy.

 Our bodies are a facade rarely showing what lies beneath. I like to explore this idea. 

– Julie Campbell

Julie Campbell picked up embroidery in the fall of 2018. A self-taught embroiderer, she doesn’t use any formal stitches. She just picks up a needle and draws with thread.

Campbell’s experience as an illustrator translate to the art of embroidery with such ease it’s as if she was born to it. Every time I see one of her new pieces, I’m immediately struck by the beauty in the line work. Her work has a very graphic, sketch like quality to it that I very much admire.

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