Mallory Barton of Ellucy Stitches Swears By Negative Space Florals

As soon as I saw one of Mallory Barton’s (a.k.a. @ellucystitches), I knew I had to buy a kit immediately and get stitching (a couple kits actually). I picked the negative space floral “Fuck Yes” and this beautiful floral arragement:

Everybody who saw it loved the floral arrangement. I ended up giving it to the son my best friend for his birthday. He’s into all things crafty and I knew he loved this one in particular. It was really fun to make. The kit was perfect. It had absolutely everything I need and it was all good quality.

My favorite pattern to stitch was the negative space “Fuck Yes.” Fair warning to the uninitiated, this pattern requires a lot of satin stitch. I mean, a lot! I actually ran out of the pink thread included in the kit to stitch the cluster of flowers around most of the fuck. I had to go to my local shop to buy two more skeins of a matching colour to be able to finish it. Honestly, it might be my fault. I tend to go overboard on my satin stitch and I probably used way more floss than I needed to.

That said, I absolutely adore the concept of these negative space florals. I’ve always enjoyed the contrast between what is considered “vulgar” and what is considered “tasteful” in art. It fills me with joy!

As I get older (I’m 38), I’ve noticed that I swear less and less, but I’ll be damned if a well placed “Fuck” doesn’t get the job done. I bet Mallory Barton feels the same way.

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