Modern Rock N’ Roll Embroidery Kits By VintageMadbyM

Muriel Grimont (a.k.a. VintageMadByM) creates amazing patterns that have a vintage feel: tattoos, skulls, pin ups, and icons like Frida Kahlo are what you’ll find when you visit Muriel’s Etsy shop.

VintageMadbyM carries PDF patterns as well as kits. I bought four of Muriel’s kits a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved them. I choose to embroider the Seasonal Tattooed Ladies:

They were really fun to make, except for the silver hair on the Autumn Lady. If you embroidery, you know how difficult metallic thread can be to work with. That said, she ended up being my favourite and is the only one that still remains with me. The Spring and Summer Ladies now reside in one of my friend’s craft room and the Winter Lady lives with my aunt and is now one of her Christmas decorations.

One day, I might make them all again so that I can have the whole collection in my craft room.

The kits were great and came with everything you need to create these patterns. The instructions were also very detailed and easy to follow. The only issue I had is that my palms tend to sweat when I embroider for a long time and the ink on the printed fabric would rub off and disappear if I kept my hand on certain areas for too long. Once I noticed this happening, I made sure to hold the hoop in such a way that I was never touching the printed pattern.

I bought the kits two years ago, so Muriel might have started using a different method to print her patterns onto fabric. Even if this is still an issue, I like VintageMadbyM‘s patterns so much that I would purchase again.

Click on images below for larger versions:

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